SMOK X-Priv Baby Bullet in Battery 2500mAh Starter Kit

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SMOK X-Priv Baby Kit (80W Mod w/ Big Baby Prince Tank)

Long renowned for incredible vaping innovations, Smoktech set a new, gold standard when it released the Smok X-Priv Full Size Kit. Featuring a rounded, contoured chassis, and an exquisite digital screen interface, the X-Priv was simply a stunning piece of vaping artistry married to astounding performance.

The only drawback, if any, was that the full-sized X-Priv wasn’t the most ideal platform for those who demanded absolute portability and discretion. However, smaller vaporizers tend to be underpowered, and lack extended e-liquid capacity. To answer all concerns while maintaining the same product lineage, Smoktech introduced the all-new Smok X-Priv Baby Kit.

Quite literally, the Smok X-Priv Baby Kit will revolutionize compact, portable vaping. Levering the distinctive advantages of the full-sized model, the X-Priv Baby goes a step further by taking a step down – a step down in dimensions, that is! At just 68 millimeters, or less than 2.7 inches, the X-Priv Mod can fit virtually anywhere you can fit a smartphone or other consumer electronic device.

More importantly, the Smok X-Priv Baby Kit has the massive power output and capacity that you love about the full-sized version. Everything you want, nothing you don’t, and all in a package that’s perfect for everyday vaping – that’s the X-Priv Baby way!

SMOK X-Priv Baby Mod

Underlining the revolutionary Smok X-Priv Baby Kit is of course the freshly minted X-Priv Baby Mod. When the original model was released, vaping analysts and journalists couldn’t stop raving about the classically contoured design, featuring a smooth, curvaceous sidewall that accentuated the mod’s beveled core. All of those elements are faithfully represented in the X-Priv Baby, but in a smaller profile!

At the center of it all is the advanced, digital screen interface. Again, this core attribute’s presence is seamlessly integrated into the smaller X-Priv Baby Mod; in fact, were it not for the obviously compact dimensions, you wouldn’t tell the difference between the Baby and the full-sized version. Better yet, in the X-Priv Baby Mod, the screen-size is two-inches and features a full-color spectrum.

One notable element that vape enthusiasts shouldn’t overlook when considering the Smok X-Priv Baby Kit is the clarity of the screen interface. While other manufacturers often tout their size, a bigger screen doesn’t mean much if the data points are not legible. With the X-Priv Baby, you can easily see your key metrics under virtually any lighting or environmental condition.

Another notable physical feature of the X-Priv Baby is its up/down buttons, located at the bottom of the chassis. End-users can easily navigate through myriad of options, and if a mistake is made, it’s easy to reverse course – no need to cycle through unnecessary options again!

Also, the smaller-sized X-Priv’s ergonomics are second-to-none. The fire button is located on the sidewall, allowing for easy and intuitive operation. Moreover, it noticeably protrudes from the main chassis, which makes swift operation effortless.

Powering the X-Priv Baby Mod is an internal 2,300 mAh battery. This is one of the distinguishing features from the original, full-sized X-Priv. However, end-users shouldn’t consider the internal battery a disadvantage as for starters, you don’t need to purchase them. Today, most full-sized kits do not include the battery, which must be purchased separately.

In addition, the X-Priv Baby Kit recharges incredibly quickly. Thanks to its smaller size, it simply doesn’t need the extra time to power-up a full kit. And on a full charge, you should be able to vape several sessions throughout the day without requiring an energy replenishment. When that inevitable time comes, however, the Smok X-Priv Baby utilizes a micro-USB port conveniently located at the bottom of the mod.

Of course, a vaporizer is nothing without delivering strong, practical performance, and that’s where the 2,300 mAh internal battery shines. The Smok X-Priv Baby facilitates a wide power spectrum between 1W at the low to 80W at the maximum. Voltage ranges from 0.5V to 9V, giving vape connoisseurs precise control and modularity.

Just like in the full version, the Smok X-Priv Baby Kit has a temperature range between 200℉ to 600℉. In other words, there’s no customization option that’s available in the full kit that isn’t represented in the Baby Kit!

Finally, no true user-friendly vaporizer system is complete without having safety features. Considering the incredible power ratings running through your mod, safe operation is paramount. With that in mind, Smok integrated several features, including short-circuit protection, over-heating protection, a 10-second cutoff, and a low-voltage warning.

In addition, the Smok X-Priv Baby Kit utilizes convenience features, such as its proprietary “Intelligent Atomizer Recognition” and a puff-monitoring system.

SMOK TFV12 Big Baby Prince

Given the incredible innovation that is the Smok X-Priv Baby, there was only one choice that Smoktech could deploy for its kit – the world-renowned Smok TFV12 Big Baby Prince! Featured in several of the compact-sized Smok vaporizer kits, the TFV12 Big Baby Prince delivers uncompromising performance while still maintaining its diminutive profile.

And make no mistake about it – the Smok TFV12 is the very definition of a compact, sub-ohm tank. Standing at a hair above two inches, the Big Baby Prince easily fits in anywhere you can pocket a small device or trinket. Combined with the Baby Mod, the entire Smok X-Priv Baby Kit stands at less than five inches.

Despite its stature, the Smok TFV12 Big Baby Prince is huge on aesthetic details and appeal. Similar to its full-sized counterparts, the design elements of the Baby Prince are bold and striking. If you want to make a grand first impression, there are few sub-ohm tanks available in the vaping markets that has the same presence as the Baby Prince.

One of the most common complaints, though, of the compact format is e-liquid capacity. However, Smoktech gets around this pesky issue with unique engineering elements designed to “sink” the e-juice reservoir into the main body of the tank. The end result is that the Baby Prince, despite its size limitations, actually levers an incredible 6.0-ml capacity!

The Smok X-Priv Baby Kit includes two atomizer heads, with the V8 Baby-Q2 0.4-ohm Dual Coils being preinstalled. Thanks to this renowned atomizer system, vape enthusiasts are able to push the technological envelope, producing massive clouds that were previously impossible in such a small platform. Likewise, the V8 Baby is famous for evoking incredible flavor profiles – thus both cloud-chasers and flavor-lovers will find something to enjoy with the X-Priv Baby!

Replacement Coils for the SMOK Big Baby Prince Tank





6 ml






0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.4 Ohms


50% VG or Higher






Intermediate, Advanced

Smok X-Priv Baby MOD Specifications:

Manufactured By: SMOK

Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh

Wattage Range: 1W – 80W

Voltage Range: 0.5V – 9V

Temperature Range: 200℉-600℉ (100℃-315℃)

Resistance Range (VW Mode):

Resistance Range (Temperature Mode):

Threading: 510

Height: 2.68 Inches (68 mm)

Width: 1.85 Inches (47 mm)

Depth: 1.14 Inches (29 mm)

Smok TFV12 Big Baby Prince Specifications:

Manufactured By: SMOK

Threading: 510

Liquid Capacity: 6.0 ml

Body Material: High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Borosilicate Glass

Drip Tip Material: Resin

Wicking Material: 100% Japanese Organic Cotton

Available Resistance: 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.4 Ohms

Atomizer Coil Compatibility: Baby Beast Q2, Q4, X4, T6, T8, T12

Recommended Wattage (Q2): 55W – 65W – (80W Maximum)

Height: 2.16 Inches (55 mm)

Diameter: 1.10 Inches (28 mm)

Smok X-Priv Baby Kit Includes:

1 x X-PRIV Baby Mod

1 x TFV12 Big Baby Prince Tank

1 x V8 Baby-Q2 0.4Ω Dual Coils (Pre-installed)

1 x V8 Baby-Q2 0.4Ω Dual Coils

1 x Replacement Glass Tube

1 x USB Cable

1 x Bad  Spare Parts

1 x User Manual

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